Shows with Hiram Bullock...
Does one really deserve a visit?
Yes it does!
Report written/edited on Dec 17 15:51:52 2002 EET by Alexander Stcheblikin

This one exhibited the very advantage of radio guitar. This gadgetry allowed
such a bulky person as Hiram Bullock now is to say people "I'm not that bulky",
just watch him jumping here and there and everywhere and squeezing randomly thru
speakers and everyting on the stage and far beyond. He made happy and excited
ppl on upper floors, tought audience to play laying and all of the sorts of
things you could ever imagine is possible with mobile electric guitar. That's
like a wide-range radio mike but in a way more brilliant way. What's added to
that was colorful t-shirts - Bullock's and drummer's (wots his name, sorry?)
Extremely spectacular.
Victor Baily was also very notable. In B&W t-shirts and a pale beret he was
sitting quiet on a high stool just making his job of lightly running fingers
thru strings. His composure dramatically contrasted with feverish activity of
Bullock and made him unforgettable, besides broduced bass was really striking,
making good use of the venue.

Great fusion, cool performance!

(that was some brief discription of impressions by the concert by Hiram Bullock
and his band in the house of the Theatre of Operetta in Kiev.UA Dec 15 2002)

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