Here are quick directions of how to do a mobile icq yourself.

by Alexander "Top Cat" Stcheblikin <_mynickname_ at>, 2/28/03
(lame ppl write to this address:

I wrote this in hope this will be helpful to those with Unix expertise wishing to unbound themselves from their workstations while remaining online in their friends' ICQ contact lists.
I didn't test this "script" in any way, just have put together wot I thought is basic to creating a mobile ICQ device. Consider this just a brief discription of the setup I have on my workstation currently. If u find principal problems in these directions, pls let me know, otherwise pls make use of /dev/head & /dev/hands



  1. Install vICQ.

  2. To receive messages sent to you via ICQ on your mobile add the following "event" to ~/.vicq/config:
    |*message*|*            ! echo "%t=%n=" | msg2sms
    You can adjust this line (or add more similar lines) to receive msgs from only chosen people or msgs of particular type(s). Consult vICQ documentation for ideas.
    You can avoid msg2sms script by simply writing "mail 12345@sms.your-cell.provider" in place of "msg2sms"

  3. To be able to send ICQ messages from your mobile you have to set up mail account (say, m-icq@your.workstation) on your workstation and make it feed incoming mail to this script. Ask your mail admin (or better rtfm) for how to do that.
    To actually send a message to an ICQ recipient, send an e-mail msg from your phone to m-icq@your.workstation. The 1st word of that msg must be the recipient's UIN (or nickname, if one is present in ~/.vicq/config).
    Many cellular providers allow use of shortcuts for sending emails, so u may register a shortcut, say, "7" for the address of m-icq@your.workstation and then, to send a message to me u write sms to your cellular provider's sms-to-email gateway number like this:
    m-icq@your.workstation 4920077 hello, topcat! nice day.
    or, with nickname and abbreviated "control" email address: (assuming topcat has UIN 4920077)
    7 topcat hello, topcat! nice day.
    Note: this script (sms2icqmsg) must be run as the same user your vICQ runs as.

  4. Create empty files:
    $ touch cmdstream vicq.out
    $ chmod 600 cmdstream vicq.out
  5. Run vICQ by typing:
    $ tail -n 0 -f cmdstream | vicq >vicq.out 2>&1 &
    [1] 66895
  6. Now you can logout and enjoy ICQ on the go!

Improvements (Optional)

You can make vICQ look nicier by patching it. This patch (by yours truly) is probably more appropriate for power users, because it hides some noise from vICQ output and makes  it more terse, unix-like ;)
I don't remember exactly if this patch has anything to do with mobile application of vICQ, but it's pleasure to have custom vICQ anyway :)

Happy icqing!

updated Tue Apr 27 2004 (reviewed & was shocked at the grammar/lang, couldn't leave it that bad...)
© 2003 Alexander "Top Cat" Stcheblikin. All Rights Reserved.

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