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Более полное представление тематик: Цифровая реставрация видео, документальная стерео-запись в Киеве. Не забудьте обновить закладки
Documentary stereo audio recording, Digital restoration of VHS video, VHS-avi-DivX-DVD transfers. Great sound quality.

Майя поет на Шабате
3-й детский фестиваль Jazz (2MB!)
Over 1 TeraByte of web traffic for $100 (choose L1,12months & enter the promo code "TRAF")
Новый мини-проект: Top Cat HOST - лучший хостинг от представителя киевского региона ;)
День пива-2005. Подготовка начинается за несколько дней
House mouse has been eliminated
Гаражная распродажа - только в июне!

Special feature: VHS Digital Transfers

In between biking seasons it's sometimes even possible to do useful things like analog-to-digital video transfers.

VHS Digital Transfers

This labour no wonder draws from the same pool of likings as similar activities - movie presentations @ HT and trifling with other digital recordings like making a slide-film from "Cats and Dogs" (BTW if you didn't watch the movie and decided to do so after watching this - please let me know!) or a Thora Birch photo essay (made for a special occasion, so don't mind;)

Meanwhile the
bike use
is on my second thought. I am eager to see if anyone out there has a larger number of trademarks on their bike. Not to brag, just to say that I am "liberal", and not a worshipper of a narrow circle of vendors :-)

Terriers & alike

The amaizing thing about digital photography is it is ubiquitous & spontaneous.
I would never imagine photographing... dogs with a plane old film camera. Let alone bothering getting images to the web!
But here comes digital...

Yorkshire Terriers (& some other dogs/ppl, of course) - photo session 1 - session 2 - other (Zoris is a West Highland White Terrier)

Other photos
Red Cat
occasional red cat - virtually blind shooting
(dead battery), anyway he looks real:)
testing "Macro" (or "Micro"?) mode...
A hungry one

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